Seals of Creation

Seals of Creation
Book 1 "Awakening"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update for the next book in the Seals of Creation series

     Greetings everyone, you will all be happy to learn that the 2nd book in the Seals of Creation series manuscript is well underway. I am half way done with writing the next book. Details and name along with my own designed cover art will be released in the coming months as the 2nd book prepares for its release. 
     What I can tell you so far is be prepared for some serious action packed adventure as the story continues to unfold and takes twists and turns that will deepen the plot and take you to new and completely unique places.

     If you have not checked out the first book yet; I have made the prolugue and first sub chapter available as a pdf download on the Seals of Creation Facebook book group page. (Link below)

Also stop by and like my page for the book series.

     The first book is available on Amazon and Createspace as a paperback and also in e-book form. (Links posted below)

(Paper back version)

(Kindle e-book version link below)


Jamie Noe.

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