Seals of Creation

Seals of Creation
Book 1 "Awakening"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Seals of Creation Book 1 Awakening

( From the book Jacket)

  Twenty-year cycles ago, the galactic unity ripped apart. Since then, the “betrayer” has blazed a fiery path across the galaxy, resulting in massive destruction and endless suffering. Based on the need to survive, the remaining free worlds have banded together to form a makeshift alliance.

  Tetra-prime has become the new official capital for the alliance. The new capital however, is far from perfect, grappling with its own international struggles. In the midst of the greater galactic threat, Quest, a cadet fresh out of training, finds he is destined to play a pivotal role in the preservation of all life, and creation itself.

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    I want to thank Ashton for bringing up a very good point about book costs. Since I am releasing my book as an e-book, a lot of the traditional book costs that people get hit with are not part of the equation. There is no ink, no paper, binding, etc. The entire work is digital and so that factor allows me to offer people a quality reading experience for a bare minimal cost. The book is a large one ranging from five hundred to six hundred pages. I am not a rich person myself and I am actually doing all of this on my own. The book I am self publishing and want to bring my story to as many readers who would enjoy it.