Seals of Creation

Seals of Creation
Book 1 "Awakening"

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Quest and Wildcard"

"Quest and Wildcard"

This is the latest piece of character art I have created for my book series "Seals
of Creation" book 1 "Awakening" is available on and Createspace.

The art style is Japanese Anime/Manga style. Created in high resolution this new
piece of art depicts a back profile view of Quest and a front profile view of his
teammate Wildcard standing on top of a ship with another ship in the background
firing an energy weapon. I am creating the character art while writing the second
book in the "Seals of Creation" series to give people a visual context for the
story and some of its content.

Jamie Noe. 2013

I want to give everyone a chance to read the prologue and first sub-chapter of my
book. I also want to offer readers a more comprehensive description of the story.
The link to download the prologue and first sub chapter is directly below this
paragraph. You will be redirected to my DeviantArt page where there is a download
button on the top right hand corner of the page. It is a PDF document type. At the
bottom of this post are links to where you can purchase a copy of my book as either
a paperback or an ebook.
Seals of Creation prologue and first chapter pdf download

(Paper back version)
Seals of Creation book 1 paperback on Amazon

(Kindle e-book version link below)
Seals of Creation book 1 Awakening ebook on Amazon

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